On Line Reports

IBI is pleased to announce BagTrak™, its unique interactive facility for locating and tracing transactions, complete with all timestamps where transfer of chain-of-custody occured. The data is delivered directly from the IBI Transportation System, completely automatically.

How it works: A user name and password is assigned to a customer who requests this service. Upon logging into the  BagTrak™ System, a user is then able to enquire about the status of any of that user's items in the Transportation System, enquiring by bag/seal number or by date. All  BagTrak™ transactions are on an encrypted active server interface.

It is intended that the scope and availability of on-line reports will be greatly increased and made available on an interactive on-demand basis. Following the successful cutover of  IBI's BagTrak™ System, customers will soon be able to request on-demand, many more operational and financial reports, currently requested and delivered manually.