Central Banking

IBI offers Central banking services with or without counting to its retail customers for many of the major banks in the region. The advantage to IBI's customers are manyfold. Banks typically have a very late cutoff for deliveries to their central processing facilities meaning faster availability of cash for the customer.

Same Day Credit

Additionally, for several major banks in the region, IBI is able to operate as an agent of the bank. This means that the process of crediting the customers' accounts can occur much faster. Money picked up during the day is credited to the customers' accounts electronically following a transmission to the bank by IBI late in the evening, directly from IBI's money processing facility. These funds are, at the discretion of the bank, immediately available to the customer. IBI counts the money during the night and the following day, any adjustments are transmitted to the customers' accounts. IBI then delivers the money as bulk currency directly to the Federal Reserve.